asian elephant

Conflict with humans and forest destruction threaten their futures.


giant panda

Habitat loss is most pressing threat to this conservation icon.


green turtle

Growing threat from illegal trade in their meat, shells and eggs.


maui's dolphin

Population has plummeted to just 55 due to entanglement in fishing nets.


african wild dog

Hunting and poisoning by humans are major threats.


western gray whale

Oil and gas development in its feeding grounds could spell extinction.


sumatran tiger

Poaching and habitat loss threaten the survival of the smallest existing tiger subspecies.


galapagos penguin

Pollution, bycatch and climate change are major threats to these birds.


lemur leaf frog

Critically endangered due to disease and deforestation.


blue whale

Vulnerable to ship strikes and reduction in food supply due to climate change.


antiguan racer snake

Possibly the world's rarest snake, it is threatened by invasive species and natural disasters.


spider monkey

Endangered by destruction of tropical forests and hunting.


bactrian camel

Numbers keep tumbling due to hunting and competition with livestock.


amur leopard

Poached for their beautiful fur, there could be just 70 left in the wild.



All subspecies are endangered due to illegal trade in fur and bones.


siamese crocodile

Facing extinction due to illegal collection and habitat degradation.


bluefin tuna

Rampant overfishing endangers survival of prized species.